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Introducing Kidstart Australia

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Designed with care

At Kidstart Australia we believe that children really are the future. We're passionate about helping the next generation succeed in ways we can only dream about today. We've founded our business on creating the best foundation for this life-long journey of learning.

We're committed to making each and every early-stage learning experience as entertaining as possible.

Research has proven, time and time again, that children learn best when they're having fun. Even more so when parents and teachers can confidently support them along the way.

In pursuit of these goals we've designed and sourced products shaped by decades of rigorous research and grass-roots teaching experience. Our products use colours, shapes and familiar images to stimulate young minds and create progressive learning opportunities. They also guide parents and teachers intuitively through the learning process. Watch as your child's confidence quickly grows.

We also ensure every toy we sell is tested and certified as safe for children. This includes reviewing the records of our suppliers and conducting our own factory inspections.

To all of you, from all of us at Kidstart Australia, thank you for helping us make learning fun.

Proudly Australian

Kidstart Australia has been proudly Australian owned and operated since 1998.  You'll find our own brand of educational fun products in more than 1,000 retailers nationwide, including some of the nation's most popular outlets.

We've also searched long and hard for local and international suppliers offering quality toys at the best prices. We prefer those who care about our planet as much as we do. This means we're committed to sourcing and supplying toys made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials; in safe, ethical factories.

We try to support Australian suppliers first and foremost, constantly seeking opportunities to source and develop more new products locally. Every one of our original Kidstart Australia products has been designed by a Australian artist. We're also pleased to announce that, as of 2014, our entire range of educational charts and posters is printed right here in Australia.

We proudly support more than 40,000 years of indigenous Australian culture with our exclusive range of Dreamtime story books and colouring-in books. You'll find them on sale at tourist destinations nationwide, including all of the nation's major international airports.

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SmileWe make learning fun!


A child's motivation influences the amount and quality of what they learn. Motivated learners are easy to recognize. They have a passion for achievement and are willing to persistent until they succeed. The colours and images used in Kidstart Australia's products are designed to spark a child's interest in learning.

Psychologists distinguish between two kinds of learning motivation: extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation occurs when positive rewards are used to increase the frequency of positive learning behaviour. Praise, awards, money and food can be used for that effect.

Intrinsic motivation occurs when a child actively participates in learning activities without a need for rewards. A child who enjoys showing you pictures in a book or puzzles on a desk mat is intrinsically motivated.  

You can enhance your child's determination to learn by showing an interest in the Kidstart products they use. This can be as simple as sharing comments like, "Isn't this a pretty colour.  Isn't that a cute animal" and so on.