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How to shop online

If you’re new to the world of online shopping this section will guide you through the process step-by-step.

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Finding the products you want

Products on our site are grouped by categories such as Toys, Educational Charts, Books and on so. To begin shopping, select a category from the main menu displayed at the top of every web page.

Selecting a category brings up a new page on which all available products are displayed. Some category pages also include a series of sub-categories to further refine your search. Available sub-categories are always displayed in a teal green box found in the top left column of the main category page.

Clicking on a product image or product name brings up a new page with more details.

You can also search for products using the Search Box located in the top-right of every web page. Type a product description into the white search box, then click on the black search button. A list of appropriate products will be displayed.

Don't try clicking on the search icon at the top of this column. It's only a photo. The real search bar is located below the main menu.

Shopping Cart

Adding products to your personal online Shopping Cart

When you find products you'd like to purchase add them to your shopping cart. You can do this in two different ways:

From a Category Page

Click the Add to Cart link displayed below a product image. This adds one item to you cart. You can click this link more than once to add multiple copies to your order.


From Individual Product Pages

On individual Product Pages: Click the green Add to Cart button displayed in the blue description box. You can increase the quantity you want to order by increasing the quantity displayed in the quantity box next to the Add to Cart button. Click “+” to add units, or “-“ to reduce the number of units displayed.


We set a default of one unit on every item. Bundled offers are shown as one item regardless of the number of individual products in a bundle.

Clicking on the Add to Cart link does NOT place an order in our system or commit you to making a purchase. Think of this action as the electronic equivalent of placing goods in a supermarket trolley. Just like the supermarket, you don’t pay for anything in your trolley until you go to the Check Out counter.

You can add as many items as you wish to an online Shopping Cart. You can review and amend the content of your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking on the blue Shopping Cart button at the top of every web page.

The contents of your Shopping Cart are not saved in our system if you leave our website before making a payment. If you leave our website during the shopping process you’ll need to refill your Shopping Cart from the beginning when you return.

Wish List

Creating a Wish List

If you aren't ready to make a purchase immediately, you can create a Wish List of products to purchase at another time. To create a Wish List you must register on our system. Registration is quick and easy. Click on the Wish List button located at the top of every web page to start the registration process.

Once you've created an account, you can then log on to it and retrieve your Wish List the next time you visit our website.

Check Out

Completing an order and proceeding to Checkout

Once you have filled your Shopping Cart with the products you wish to purchase you can proceed to Check Out. You can reach the Check Out page by clicking on the Proceed to Check Out link that appears on your Shopping Cart page, or by clicking on the Check Out button at the top of every web page.


The Check Out page does not display a summary of your order. To view a summary of your order you'll need to click on the Shopping Cart button before proceeding to Check Out. All prices include GST. Freight charges are also displayed based on the postcode you select. For some postcodes and products only one delivery option is available. You can also read more about our delivery terms and conditions here.

Once you reach the Check Out page the system will step you through the buying process. You can track your progress via a summary displayed on the right side of your screen, or watch as each blue progress bar opens and closes (an example of these bars is shown below).


The system will ask for billing and delivery details, before it requests payment details. Payments made by credit card are automatically directed to PayPal’s secure gateway.

PayPal will then give you an option to pay with a credit card, or with your own personal PayPal account credit. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to make a payment by credit card.

Only Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

Once your credit card details have been processed by PayPal you will be returned to our website.


Looking for payment, delivery and returns information?


For details on order processing, delivery, returns and other shipping information click here for more information.

Need help placing an order?


We're always here to help. If you run into problems placing an order on our website please send us a brief email: support@kidstartaustralia.com.au

All correspondence must include a contact phone number and an email address we can use to reach you. Please sumamrise briefly the problem you’ve experienced. This makes it quick and easy for us to resolve it.

You can also call our office during business hours, Monday to Friday: 1300 806 700 (excluding public holidays) for support.

We appreciate your feedback


Thank you for shopping with KidStart Australia.

Our customers are our most valued source of feedback on our products and service. We welcome your comments and ideas. Please email us at: support@kidstartaustralia.com.au